International academy of sleep dark   The International Academy of Sleep (IAOS) represents the future global wave in truly moving the curve for sleep medicine forward between sleep physicians and qualified dentists. As more and more dentists transition to Dental Sleep Medicine, and many exclusively, this progressive, inclusive and effective organization strives to make a huge impact in the world of sleep like no previous organizations have.   It is our core belief that dentists should be at the forefront of sleep apnea testing and treatment and this is one of the foremost goals of the International Academy of Sleep: to empower dentists to screen every single patient that walks into their offices, and into the offices of their partner physicians so that those who suffer from this condition can receive the treatment they need to change their lives.  

Educate, Engage and Empower

It is the mission of the IAOS to educate, engage and empower people around the world: To educate and engage patients, physicians and dentists and empower them to seek or provide diagnosis and treatment. Sleep apnea is a common condition and with our growing awareness of its connections with potentially fatal ailments, like heart disease, stroke risk, diabetes and hypertension, there is an urgent need to test for this condition in all medical healthcare offices, AS A RULE.   Our unique program educates and equips its members with time-tested systems to help healthcare providers screen and have their patients properly treated. We also offer other revenue generating programs to healthcare offices, which further promote the excellent health of their patients. The ultimate goal is better living and having a positive impact on worldwide healthcare spending.   The IAOS will break down all barriers and truly propel Dental Sleep Medicine to stratospheric heights of success, so any dentist wanting to be at the forefront of this next tsunami-sizedsurge in sleep must be a part of this incredible global initiative.  

The IAOS: All the Pieces of the Puzzle In Place

Until now, all facets of the sleep business have been incredibly segregated from one another and it’s the mission of the International Academy of Sleep to fix that. We are the first organization that truly and successfully connects every single element of Dental Sleep Medicine: Dentists, Physicians, Sleep Physicians, Insurance Companies, Dental Schools, Dental Laboratories, Corporates and the most importantly: THE PATIENTS!   Through this unprecedented and pioneering organization, we strive to spread the knowledge of sleep both nationally and internationally. Imagine an Academy that treats Dental Sleep Specialists, Sleep Physicians and Primary and Secondary Care Physicians as equal partners in a team that is all working together for the patient?   This is the mission of the International Academy of Sleep.  

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